The Next-Generation of Cloud-Based ERP

My Office Apps (MOA) offers business automation for today’s business environment.  MOA presents the best features in a cloud-based solution in one fully integrated software.  Our robust and intuitive user interface retrieves information quickly, accurately, and in real-time, giving you the exact information when you need it.

Our Kechie product line of services encompasses a full ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a complete Inventory Management and Warehouse Management, a Manufacturing add-on, and an entire Accounting & Finance module. The B2B Customer Portal is the latest addition to our Kechie software, allowing your customer to place orders on your website. All the orders directly flow into the Kechie Inventory in real-time.

Our goal is to offer robust and scalable software solutions with advanced features that are user-friendly and easy to implement.  The best part, Kechie is not a platform you have to build on; the software is ready to be used.

Benefits of Kechie ERP Software

  • Reduction of Cost
  • No Installation
  • Supports Many Industries
  • User Friendly
  • Access From Any Location
  • Enhanced Security
  • Real-Time Information
  • Scalability For Any Need
  • Configurable
  • Completely Cloud-Based
  • Automatic Upgrading
  • Enhanced Features
  • Reduction Of Cost
  • User Friendly
  • Real-Time Information
  • Completely Cloud-Based
  • No Installation
  • Access From Any Location
  • Automatic Software Upgrading
  • Scalability For Your Business Needs
  • Supports Many Industries
  • Enhanced Security
  • Configurable
  • Enhanced Features

My Office Apps Promise to You and Your Business

In these uncertain times, My Office Apps remains dedicated to innovating our cloud-based ERP software. Click the button below to learn how My Office Apps is navigating the COVID pandemic responsibly and how to assist your business with our cloud-native system.

Two coworkers elbow bumping during COVID-19 to reflect MY Office Apps's dedication to providing a safe working environment with a cloud-based ERP solution.

ERP Sources

ERP Software and ROI

Selecting an ERP system for your business is one of the most complex decisions a  company can make. The time-consuming process can be confusing, especially with the number of ERP software options available. However, there are several ways to maximize a company’s ROI. Click the button below to learn a few techniques to get the best return on investment for your ERP.

ERP Implementation

Upgrading an ERP system is a complicated venture. The implementation process can take weeks, and knowing all this does little to take away the stress. But merely deciding what ERP system to use is only one part of the process. Click the button below to learn how the various challenges companies face and how the team at My Office Apps can help.

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Inventory Best Practices

The heart of the Kechie ERP system rests in the inventory management module, and all the data communication occurs in real-time. Managing a company’s inventory levels is a common challenge. The exemplary system works with you, not the other way around. Click the button below to learn how Kechie Inventory Management does this better.

What Our Partners Have to Say About US

The Kechie software solution will allow us to monitor our end-to-end supply chain management from procurement, inventory, and tracking, to the end destination, which is into the refrigerators of our meals recipients.

The Meals on Wheels San Francisco Logo with their tagline, together we can deliver
Frank Scott

Stack Up has been using Kechie’s software to manage our inventory, shipping, and receiving for about 3 months now, and we’ve been very happy with the results so far. Kechie’s customer service has been fantastic, and they’ve worked hard to customize aspects of their software to ensure that it meets all of our unique needs. I look forward to continuing to work with Kechie for the foreseeable future.

The logo for Stack Up, a veteran's charity
Dave Crouse

“Double the business with the same amount of people… We have implemented Kechie and it has provided us a tool to develop business processes, that in the past, were highly manual and time consuming.”

Richard Nornhold
VP of Operations

Kechie adapted to our operations system and it did not change the way we run our business, allowing us to have a strong system in place that allows us to properly track our business growth, financial gains and expenditures

Gus Lechuga
Sr. Director of Business Development

“Integrating Kechie with our online store through Shopify, for inventory management has turned out to be instrumental to growing our business efficiently and profitably.”

sourcely ecommerce testimonials reviews
Co-Founder & COO at Sourcely

“The team at My Office Apps was extremely helpful, assisting us to setup and customize the system so it is tailored to our business. Fair to say that the system is very comprehensive, user friendly and easy to work with.”

wahiki coconut creamery Test
CEO at Wahiki Coconut Creamery

“The customer service is top-notch with Kechie from the top down. Kechie has the best value for money for an ERP system that our company needs!”

Ari Sensoria
Operations Manager at Sensoria

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